Couples Rehab – Together We Are Stronger

Therapy focuses on making new relationship standards, showing ways how couples can spend their time together, and how to show affection to each other without using drugs. This type of treatment deepens the relationship and fortifies a new bond by supporting each other’s sobriety.


FDA Cracks Down On Flavored E-cigarettes Harder Then Ever – The Recover

U.S health officials are coming together to declare the ban of menthol from regular cigarettes, outlawing all flavors in these cigarettes and tighten the rules already in place regarding the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. The booming billion dollar industry of e-cigarettes despite the little research on their long-term effects, including whether they are helpful in aiding […]

Cost of Rehab Centers Overwhelming You? BlueCross BlueShield May Have You Covered – Insurance Protect

Collectively, BlueCross BlueShield companies across the country cover roughly 105 million individuals– that has to do with one in every 3 people. While a number of its policies provide a series of advantages to cover addiction treatment, alternatives and programs differ depending on the state you live in and your private plan. BlueCross BlueShield frequently […]

Cigna Health Insurance – Insurance Benefit

A worldwide health organization, Cigna has more than 86 million consumer relationships worldwide. Along with their mission to provide budget friendly healthcare for basic needs, the business helps its members with addiction treatment. Although protection varies depending on your specific plan, healing services might include: Drug rehabilitation Alcohol rehab Detoxing […]